What is the difference between a MBA and an Executive MBA?

Over the last years, the options to study post-graduate degrees have been multiplied exceedingly, either in the shape of master’s degrees, PhDs, executive programs or courses. However, the offer is so high that a lot of people have difficulties to distinguish the differences between one title and another one. 

Thus, For example, after the creation of MBA and its popularity around the world, other variants emerged as well, such as the Executive MBA.  What is the difference between a MBA and an Executive MBA?

Difference between a MBA and an Executive MBA

The Age: Main difference between MBA and Executive MBA

The fundamental difference between both of these study programs is, in the case of the MBA, The participants are newly college graduates or students that have a short period of time in the workforce. Therefore, they are people that need certain specialty or recognized formation to advance towards professional options related to commerce or the business management.

In the case of the Executive MBA, the profile of the students is more senior. It is about managers, businessmen and heads of departments that want to update or strengthen their abilities or knowledge. For this reason, it is usual that for the application of an Executive MBA, the applicants must show their working experience, even showing a credited document as they have more than three years working in positions of certain responsibility.

The study schedules are also different

On top of that, another difference between MBA and Executive MBA lies on how frequently the students attend to their classes. A MBA tends to plan out his classes during weekdays and is able to be a full-time student (it occupies the regular time of a complete working shift) or Part-time Student (it takes place in the mornings or afternoons).

However, the Executive MBA adapts a lot better to the working habit. They share the Part-time schedule that some MBA offer, but usually take classes on Friday nights or Saturday mornings only.

The intensity defined on the schedules of one and another course is set precisely by the frequency and the class schedules. Logically, the Executive MBA has a higher intensity than the MBA, given that their classes take place at the end of the week. Likewise, a lot of Executive MBA participants assure that they dedicate part of their working schedules to their studies, to be able to follow the program in a productive and efficient way.

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