The new MBA get updated to adapt to the business reality

The first MBA Course (Master in Business Administration) was given at the Tuck Management School in the United States in the beginning of the twentieth century. More than 100 years later, this post-graduate degree remains as one of the most demanded by the candidates and for the companies. But its contents have been evolving to adapt to the new digital economy.

Nowadays, the MBA continues to be the king of the Business Schools around the world and one of the most appreciated Master`s degrees for the companies. According to the last report by Infoempleo-Adecco about the offer and demand of jobs in Spain, around a 46% of the companies that are looking for candidates for the positions of management and leadership, they seek or value those that have taken this formation specially.

Adjust to the market evolution

Without doubts, it is one of the oldest and known by the students worldwide Thanks largely to the Business Schools that have known how to adapt progressively their contents to the business reality, marked by the digitalization processes that have been affecting the structure of the organizations.

Traditionally the Master in Business Administration has taught fundamental aspects of the different management areas of a company: finances, economy, laws, human resources and marketing. This formation was provided, in general, in an In-person way or full-time.

As time passed by and with the progressive market segmentation, the contents that these studies offer have evolved, and now MBAs that are specialized in some particular areas are provided (Marketing, Finances, Human Resources… etc.) and the estates management in determined sectors (tourism, sports, health…).

The way to transmit the formation has diversified as well and now Full-time MBAs are offered, Part-time, Intensive, blended and online with the goal of adapting to the different profiles and needs of the students.

From general contents to double degrees

This course, the EFEM Business School has decided to take a step forward towards the evolution of this formation, and has designed nine MBA double degrees. In this way, you may combine the general MBA degree with a second degree specialized in an area.

According to their managers, the advantages that these double degrees offer, apart from the specialization, are the time and the money saved up. All of them can be studied online for 12 months (1.800 study hours) from the flexibility that this way of studying offers, you are allowed to organize freely your working schedules.

On another side, and with the goal of providing to the student a complete formation that allows him to take on the challenges of the job market in a better way, EFEM incorporated in all of the MBA the subjects: Coaching and Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), giving the students the possibility to be more advanced in one the most demanded areas for the companies managers currently.

Likewise, the double degrees include as well, optionally, an Executive English Course to facilitate the adaptation of the students to the international market.

Different MBA Modules

Currently, there are various kinds of MBA programs you can study:

Traditional MBA, it tends to be provided on a full-time Schedule and it lasts one or two academic courses. It is focused on the people that come from different areas and wish to have a general formation in Business Management, normally to access to positions in management areas.

What is the difference between a MBA and an Executive MBA?

Executive MBA, it is designed for those active managers with more than 5 and 10 years of experience that wish to evolve in their professional careers. It tends to be provided on a part-time schedule or a concentrated version on the weekends to be able to combine it with their jobs.

Specialized MBA, these are programs that dedicate more attention and time to some specific area of Business management: finances, technology, marketing, human resources… within this category are included as well those that focus on the business management of a specific sector.

Double MBA degrees, such as the EFEM programs, that offer a general MBA content plus the specific content of a particular area and a double degree is provided to the students. 

International MBA, these are programs where you develop only a part of the course in your native country and you combine it with stays in centers located in other countries or in foreign companies.

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