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Through our privacy policy we catch up with you about the necessary terms of usage on this site. The use of these implies your whole acceptance and without reserves of any of all the dispositions included in this legal statement, so if you do not agree with any of the conditions hereby established, you shall not use and/or access this site. We Reserve the right to modify this privacy statement at any given moment. Its continuous use of any part of the site after the notifications or announcement of those modifications represents your acceptance to those changes. 


This site makes use of Cookies, which are small data files that are generated on your computer, this sends information without providing references that allow to deduct personal data from it.

You can set up your internet browser so that it notifies and rejects the installation of the cookies sent by this site, without blocking the possibility of accessing the content on it. However, we are not responsible in case the deactivation of these prevents the right functioning of the site.

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We study the preferences of our users, their demographic characteristics, their traffic patterns, and other compiled information to comprehend better who constitutes our audience and what it is that you need. The tracking of the preferences of our users can also help us show you the most relevant ads

Privacy policy of tracking sources used on this site:

Google Analytics.

Personal Data protection policy

To use any of the services or determined content, you shall provide certain personal data beforehand, it will only be used for the purpose it was compiled for. 

The type of information that could be requested includes, in a declarative way more than limited, your name, E-mail address, birthdate, gender, occupation, country and city of birth and personal interest, between others, not all the requested information at the moment of participating on the site is mandatory, except for those that we consider convenient and that we will let you know about. 

As a general principle, this site does not share any compiled information, except for when it has been authorized by you, or in the following cases:

a) When it has been requested by a competent authority and previous to the compliance of the corresponding legal procedure and b) when in judgment of this site it is necessary to enforce the terms of usage and other terms on this webpage, or to safeguard the integrity of the rest of the users or the site. 

You shall be aware of the fact that if you reveal personal information online in a public area voluntarily, that information can be stored and used by others. We cannot control the actions of our visitors and users.

Responsible Behavior. 

All the information that you provide must be truthful. To these effects, you guarantee the authenticity of that data that communicates as a result the compliance of the necessary forms to subscribe to the services, access to the content or restricted areas of the site. In any case you will be the only one responsible for the fake or inexact statements that you make and the prejudice that it causes to the site and to third parties for the information provided.

You compromise to act in a responsible way on this site and to treat other visitors with respect.