Does taking a post graduate course contribute to having a better salary

Does taking a post-graduate course contribute to having a better salary?

Specifically a MBA has the particularity of providing different competitive advantages to the professionals that hold them.

Currently, the students opt to take a Master’s Degree Course in business Management (MBA) for various reasons. The personal development, the job opportunities and the interpersonal skills are important traits to make this decision. However, the main aspect for the professionals when it comes to making this decision is increasing their salary.

According to a study made in 2018 by the Network Organization of professional link – REP in Spanish, in charge of analyzing and establishing the average salary that a worker must earn considering their studies and  working experience, in Colombia a person that holds a Master’s Degree can earn almost twice what someone that only holds an undergraduate Degree can. According to the institution, the difference in salary would be around US$698 this year. 

The Master’s Degrees in general and specifically a MBA has the particularity of providing different competitive advantages to the professionals that hold them. One of these is the fact of being more qualified for promotions, and also be the first choice for a vacancy, thanks to having a more specialized career. In the same way, the holders of a Master’s Degree in Management have higher possibilities of getting and keeping a high-level Management spot.

For Bloomberg, a specialized Company in financial Information, some of the main employers that hire the most MBA graduates in Europe are: Deloitte, Ernst & Young, McKinsey and Boston Consulting Group. In the same way, the American companies such as Apple, IBM, Procter and Gamble and Amazon also look for MBA graduates constantly.

How much have the salaries increased with a MBA?

The Newspaper Financial Times have made a study where the Business Schools graduates worldwide that have a higher raise in their salaries are classified. Some of the results were the following ones:

The salaries have been raised until getting to an average of US$142.000 in 2017, a 12% more than the one in 2014.

The average salary raise worldwide went over 100% in 2017. A little more than half of all the classified schools had salary raises above 100%. 

The average salaries of the graduates from schools where a MBA is offered grow year after year in three quarter parts.

In 2018, the first data analyses indicate that the salaries keep on increasing, since almost two thirds of the graduates have raised more than twice their salaries. So, the general Average must be near the US$150.000 this year.

The 10 countries that offer the most competitive salaries for those that have a MBA:

Switzerland – US$123.500

United States – US$102.100

Canada – US$99.800

France – US$98.500

Australia – US$98.400

United Kingdom – US$92.400

Italy – US$86.400

Singapore – US$82.700

Japan – US$80.000

Germany – US$77.200


The scenario for Latin America is very uplifting, since no Latin American country is on the list, the possibilities that the MBA graduates have of growing and developing as real global professionals are very motivating, because they are placed on a level higher than most professionals.

The possibilities of being able to study a Master’s Degree in Business Management are bigger after having options closer each and every time. One of them is the MBA Tour that will be held in Bogota next Monday August 13th, Where more than 10 international Business Schools will be making conferences and extraordinary sessions to know more about the benefits of being a Master in Business Management.

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