Advises to apply for a MBA

Know the first steps you have to take into consideration before applying for a MBA program.

If you are about to make the great decision of taking a MBA course, remember that there are some considerations that you must take into account before choosing a Master’s Degree in Management and Business.

A MBA can give you a lot of competitive advantages on your professional profile, since 70% of the people that study a MBA program have manager spots and can earn salaries up to 6 digits in a period of 5 years after graduating, this is according to the information by the recruiter The MBA, who organize the MBA Tour in different countries worldwide.

But, it is important to prepare your application to a MBA program with anticipation, this way your investment will have a better return and favorable results in your working life.


Ask yourself: Why do i want to study a MBA?

A MBA tends to be a requirement for those that wish to have high management spots in a Company. If this is your clear goal and you consider that it is the ideal for the career you have, then, a MBA is for you.

Be clear of your strengths:

To apply for a MBA you must be clear of your strengths and the reasons why you want to study it. The evaluation of the candidates tends to consider factors such as the confidence that the appliers have in their skills and how they pretend to make an impact and be leaders in the companies they work on, after studying the MBA.

Be ready for the diagnoses tests: 

There are two tests that the appliers to a MBA must take: GRE or GMAT. With the grades of one of these tests, a lot of Business Schools could consider their entrance. 

It is recommended to prepare one of these tests with anticipation only, and if it is possible, take a preparation class.

How many schools can you apply to? 

The experts recommend that you apply to more than one school, considering the one that fits your Budget and another one that goes according to your ranking, grades and working experience.

The ideal is to not apply to more than 6 schools, since your performance to apply to each one of them will be lower.

Prepare your resume strategically: 

Point out on your resume your interpersonal skills, since these are the ones that are most valued in a business manager. Leadership, Teamwork and Communication are important values, but remember to back these values up with evidence, this means that you show results in projects where you have had a remarkable outcome. 

Resalte en su currículum sus habilidades interpersonales, ya que son las que más se valoran en un ejecutivo de negocio. El liderazgo, el trabajo en equipo y la comunicación son valores importantes, pero recuerde fundamentar estos valores con evidencias, es decir, muestre resultados sobre proyectos donde haya tenido resultados sobresalientes.

Prepare a good essay:

In this document is where you must detail the reasons why you wish to apply to a MBA. Remember to show in this document your personality and the strengths you are sure of having.

Be ready for the admission interview: 

If you are considered a good candidate for a MBA program, then you will be called for an interview. It is important to be ready beforehand, before they could call you. Be ready so you can have direct and adequate answers.

Finally, remember that the more you know your skills and the more you can show them, the bigger advantage you will have.

Advises and criteria to choose a MBA

Deciding to study a MBA opens an endless list of possibilities and opportunities for professional development. The Master’s Degree in Business Administration provides tools to obtain a global vision of the Management World. A lot of professionals find in the MBA the possibility of improving their skills in Business Management. When it comes to choosing the right program, there are various aspects to take into account.

One of them has to do with the orientation of the MBA. Depending on the area that the student wishes to develop or perfect in, he can opt to choose a program that adapts to his needs. As its name indicates it, the Master’s Degree in Business Management builds professionals in the area of Business Management. But in addition to the more traditional disciplines such as Marketing, Finances and Human Resources, there are more specialized programs each and every time. For example, at UP we count with MBA in integrated communications of Marketing, Strategic Management, and Startups and Digital Businesses, between others.

Another criterion to take into account when it comes to choosing a MBA is the study module. There are certain personal circumstances that have some relevance when it comes to make this decision, such as the schedule availability, the time and the traveling possibilities. Generally, the MBA students are already working and do not have many available hours to dedicate to studies. Taking into account all of these considerations, the student will be able to opt for in-person, online and combined modules.

The body of teachers and professionals in charge of the MBA are also a factor that contributes when it comes to making the decision. Having a renowned team of teachers and specialists in the area will make the experience and the learning more enriching and fruitful for the student’s future and his professional development. The teachers at UP are true references in their teaching areas, and we count with seminars and conferences given by stars in the International Management Community as well. The quality and the prestige of the institution is another aspect to take into account. The MBA of the University of Palermo was chosen as the best one in Argentina by the QS Global MBA Rankings 2019.

The Experiences abroad provide priceless knowledge for any kind of formation that goes beyond the academic part. In an area like the Business Management, having the opportunity to know more about how Management works in more advanced and developed countries is key. That is why evaluating the possibility of studying a MBA with exchange programs can turn out to be very beneficial to obtain a more complete formation. The MBA of the University of Palermo allows you to study an Exchange semester at New York University, Stern School of Business.

The analysis of real cases from different parts of the world can also provide a wider and complete perspective of the area to the student.

Deciding in what phase of life you take a MBA is not a minor aspect. Even though a lot of students decide to take it just after finishing their Degree studies, the specialists recommend waiting some years, to gain professional experience that will be valuable when it comes to studying and applying the experiences lived in the classes.

Analyzing the networking possibilities that a MBA offers is a main factor. It is about the relationships and professional connections that the student can generate worldwide and that turn out to be quite useful for the working future. The MBA graduates from UP are part of a Business, social and International Network for life, that provides a high number of opportunities for their development.

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