A MBA master offers big job opportunities

You don’t know what a MBA is? We will explain to you what it’s useful for

The acronym MBA stands for Master of Business Administration. These Postgraduate courses are directed to university graduates that want to develop their careers in the business world. The MBA have their origin in the American Universities. From a few years back, this formation has been exported to Europe and they are taught in a lot of countries. In the case of Spain, the business schools focus a lot of their offers on MBA programs.

Even though people are getting more familiar with these courses each time, a lot of students do not have a clear idea of what they provide. What do you learn exactly? Are they a good tool to find a job? What are the access requirements needed? How to know that we are choosing the right one? In this post, we will clarify the most common doubts about the Master of Business Administration. Haven’t you found the ideal MBA for you? Take the risk!

What kinds of MBA exist?

Even though this formation tends to be put together under the same acronym, there are different MBA modules:

Aunque esta formación se suele agrupar bajo las mismas siglas, hay diferentes modalidades de MBA:

  • MBA Executive. They are thought for the managers that want to improve their formation in business without having to stop working. It is needed to have a college degree and also 2 to 5 years of experience in management positions.
  • MBA International. This program is organized so that the formation and the practices can be done in different countries. Because of this, you must have an advanced level on languages.
  • Full-time or part-time MBA. Each student decides what study load they can take. You can also choose between an in-person module or study a MBA online.

What requirements do I need to study a MBA? 

As always, one of the matters that worry the students the most is the access requirements. In the case of the MBA, these are some conditions to take into account:

  • Have a Spanish College Degree or a title expedited by the European space of Superior Education.
  • Present a good academic file. Admission tests are usually taken.
  • Have professional experience. Preferably, in management positions.
  • Show a good level of English. The TOEFL is one of the tests that are taken into account the most.

Furthermore, it is recommended to provide the following documentation:

  • Updated vitae resume. In these cases, the presentation is as important as the content.
  • Two to three recommendation letters. The letters are used to have a wider vision of the candidate.
  • A motivational letter. The student must write a text explaining why he wants to take the course.

What are the most important rankings?

You have made the decision: you will study a MBA. But, how do you know that you are choosing the right one? Nowadays, there are different rankings that can be used as counseling. One of the most important rankings is the one from the Financial Times newspaper. According to the 2020 ranking, these are the best ranked Spanish Business Schools MBA programs: 

  1. IESE Business School (Spain)
  2. ESADE Business School (Spain)
  3. IE Business School (Spain)

 Internationally, these are the top 10 Business Schools: 

  1. Harvard Business School (USA)
  2. University of Pennsylvania: Wharton (USA)
  3. Stanford Graduate School of Business(USA)
  4. Insead (France / Singapore)
  5. Ceibs (China)
  6. MIT: Sloan (USA)
  7. London Business School (United Kingdom)
  8. Columbia Business School (USA)
  9. HEC París (France)
  10. University of Chicago: Booth (USA)

The best MBA in Spain

You still do not know which MBA course you will take? Consult on Emagister the offer of all the MBA available in the different universities and business schools in Spain, compare prices, study plans, modules, professional practices and ex-students opinions and find the formation you need. These are some of the most acclaimed programs:

  • Official Online MBA of the Business and Management School: if you are looking for a certified online Master’s Degree, this MBA with official college Degree emitted by the European University Miguel de Cervantes and by the Business and Management School is one of the best options for you.
  • Executive MBA of the EAE Business School: this Master’s Degree is available on an in-person module in Madrid and Barcelona, as well as on a blended and online module (EAE EMBA from home). Consult prices, opinions and financing options through the Emagister Form. 
  • MBA of ISEB: another option of an online Executive MBA that you can take at a reduced price thanks to the Emagister scholarships.
  • Executive MBA of OBS: the EMBA online of OBS has been ranked as the second best online MBA according to the Ranking made by Hamilton Global Intelligence. 

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