12 reasons why you should study a MBA

If you have come this far, it’s because you are thinking about taking an MBA and take a step forward in your professional career.

The acronym MBA stands for Master of Business Administration, this means, Master’s degree in Business Management or Master’s degree in Administration and Business Management. It is about post-graduate courses addressed to college graduates that want to develop their career in the business world.

The MBA have their origin in the American colleges and it is one of the most prestigious formations worldwide. In Spain, the business schools are organizations that focus the majority of their offers on MBA.

The MBA are the Master’s degrees that are taken the most around the world. The focus and the academic methodology implemented on the classes make them the post-grade degrees that are closer to the business reality.

But, why do the MBA exist?

Executive MBA

These are thought to be for executive profiles that wish to improve their formation on business and require a flexible schedule to be able to take the courses without leaving their jobs, as for example, the eMBA executive Master Business Administration.

What types of MBA exist?

International MBA

This program tends to last 12 months and it is organized to make the formation and the practices possible in different countries. As it is the case of the International Hispanic MBA Master- Portuguese.

Full-time MBA or Part-time, Online or In-person

Each day it is more common to find the different MBA modules that allow students to combine formation and work, permitting them to choose the study load that they wish to take on and the schedule that adapts the best to their lifestyle. 

12 reasons why you should take a MBA

There are a lot of reasons to take a MBA course, it is not just about an excellent tool to improve qualitatively on the professional world, but also the fact that it is a key resource to grow on a personal level.

Let’s see the personal and professional benefits of studying a MBA

1.- It increases the chances of finding a job

The fact of having a MBA on your resume does not guarantee you will find a job itself. However, it increases the chances of being chosen for a position or even getting a higher spot in the same company. Different studies support the fact that the youth with the highest levels of formations are the ones that register the highest levels of employment rate.

2.   Access to a more qualified job

The post-graduate formations are well ranked by the companies, especially the ones related to the business and management areas, this is why the MBA perpetuate year after year as one of the favorites among the professionals that look to take a step forward in their working careers. The pre-graduate studies are generalized and the master’s degrees give to all of those that take them, the difference that the job market demands.

3.   Better working conditions

A Master’s degree does not mean the expectation of finding a better only, it also brings along better working conditions, a better salary and the possibility to get a promotion and progress professionally.

4.   Fast recovery of the initial investment

Given the fact that the students that take a MBA course get access to job positions with good payments, the economic investment that has to be made when the course starts is going to be recovered in a short period of time.

5.   Learning by doing

The practical formation is vital when it comes to developing the abilities of the students, because it helps them get closer to the useful and practical reality of all the areas in a company.

The teaching methodology is one of the key pieces that support the success of the ITAE Business School without doubts, where the students acquire the most academic knowledge through the “learning by doing” method, this way they find the utility of what it’s learned.

6.   Management Abilities

The MBA prepare the students for the decision making, placing them in different scenarios and allowing them to learn and develop the different kinds of leadership. This way, they acquire the agility and versatility that is needed to solve problems when facing real situations in the management scope.

7.   Dynamic and flexibility

The economic outlook is in constant change, unchaining different paradigms which the companies have to adapt to with agility because that is what their success depends on. The MBA equip the students with the flexibility and the dynamic needed to adapt to these new circumstances.

8.   Entrepreneurship

A MBA is oriented in developing entrepreneurial skills on the students. This gives them the security and the knowledge needed to start their own businesses, or promote and manage in a proactive way the different areas within a company. Definitely, it prepares them to take on the responsibilities of managing a company and face the difficulties that might appear.

9.  Strategic thinking

The strategic thinking is a skill that facilitates the achievement of objectives, not only when it comes to businesses, but also, on a personal level. This particular way of thinking involves a strategy, an action plan coordinated and focused on a relevant goal. In a MBA the students are prepared to anticipate the effects of every action and have a long-term vision, creative and oriented in the achievement of prompt objectives.

10.  Enriching experiences

Taking a MBA course provides enriching experiences for the student, especially when you are studying an international MBA course while residing abroad. Studying in different countries allows the students to know multiple cultures that will make them grow personally and professionally.

11. Business internationalization

It is more common every day that the companies look abroad to reach new business opportunities, this is why the job market requires professional profiles that have a global and strategic vision of the company. Taking a MBA will provide that general business definition to the students.

12. Contacts Network consolidation

Studying a MBA allows you to know your career partners and the consolidated teachers in the business world, generating collaboration possibilities. This is a fantastic way of doing networking and creating a contacts network useful for the future.

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